Friday, 16 November 2012

Feonic Speaker Technology

 Whispering Windows – Attract New Customers How do I Attract New Customers into my store? Answer: Use sound to attract attention Every store owner with a window display asks themselves “how do I attract new customers into my store”. The first task is to attract attention to ensure people passing by actually look at what you have to offer.

Consider FeONIC Technologies Whispering Window® which has a proven track record in substantially increasing sales by up to 40%. A unique technology that delivers audio advertising messages from your shop, store, cafe or restaurant window display. These are not tacky speakers stuck on the outside of your building, instead our sound transducers gently turn your shop window into a speaker.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

CRiSAP Presents - Not for Human Consumption

This is the launch of an intriguing online exhibition featuring a collection of sounds that were not intended for humans in the first place. The exhibition reveals weird but inspiring sounds, ranging from the almost inaudible, to the sounds of languages evolved by robots to communicate with one another. Inspiring!