Friday, 30 August 2013

E.M.M.A. - Lost Encarta Files (Mix) |

Fresh from dropping her immensely impressive debut, Blue GardensKeysound’s E.M.M.A. has shared a stellar mix influenced and in homage to Window’s Encarta 96 CD-ROM.
The mix is aptly called Lost Encarta Files & is made up entirely of E.M.M.A.’s own beats. You can & stream the mix below:

E.M.M.A. - Lost Encarta Files (Mix) |

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bird Song discourages Anti-Social Behaviour

Singing Windows is a sound installation project for town centres, bringing together retailers, the general public and sound artist Robert Jarvis.  Using Feonic audio technology, shop window fronts are able to function as loudspeakers capable of playing gentle sounds, affecting the street's atmosphere and enticing the unsuspecting general public.

Feonic Whispering Window