Friday 20 February 2009

Body as site of Cultural Representation

Year 1 Term 2/2

Peter Bevan

"Peter" "Helen's Twin" "Jinny" 2005 Terracotta

Last year I attended a lecture given by Peter Bevan, a glasgow based sculptor, on the them of 'Body as site of cultural representaion'. Here are some of the notes which I took down:

  • An idea of cultural representaion can be gained by comparing experiences fom travelling abroad (India) with the identitiy here in the Wester world.
  • The hollow space in his vase-like pieces draws the viewers' attention to the surface which is perforated with holes and makes you aware of the inside cavity.
  • Vase: a container for 'collecting' experiences (cultural identity).
  • Go to India to make work rather than just looking (contributing to culture and society rather than being a tourist).
  • Two identical casts: Second as detail in different context (history and future)
Looking on his website I came accros a piece of work titled "The body as a place: the site of consciousness." which is a project that he has been working on over the period 1989-1997 between visits to India.

Between Visits to India: 1989-1997

“The body is a place: the site of consciousness”

I first visited India in 1989 to study temple architecture and sculpture, mainly in the south. Along the way I recorded thoughts and observations on a 25 metre “scroll diary”, which came to provide ideas and inspiration for a considerable number of works on return to Scotland.

"Scroll Diary" (Sanchi, India) 1989
Watercolour/Ink/Paper25 meters long

"Scroll Diary" (Badami, India) 1989
Watercolour/Ink/Paper25 meters long

The work explores different ways of signifying the presence of a human body, through reductive forms, the inherent expressiveness of materials and architectural metaphor.

"Drawings for Father 1996 Ink/Paper

In 1996 this work was collated in the form of a catalogue and photographic documentation, which was exhibited during my Artist’s residency at the MS University of Baroda in Gujarat. The following year the sculpture itself was formed into an exhibition entitled, “The body as a place: the site of consciousness”, at the Glasgow School of Art.

"Father" 1992 Wood/Bronze

"Gazebo" 1995 Wood/Ceramic
Temporary installation, Kildrummy Castle, Scotland

"Incenser" Ceramic 1990

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