Monday 15 November 2010

Radio All Workshop

Israeli Centre for Digital Arts,
Holon, Tel-Aviv

As an introduction to the workshop, Kasia Krakowiak, a polish artist interested in the potential of radio in the wider community showed us this video. It is a story of underground Polish Radio pirates:

'In 1985 a group of astronomers from the University of Torun consturcted their own TV transmission equipment and superimposed Solidarity slogans over official TV broadcasts.'

Another isteresting video which helped to demonstrate what her practice's concerns were, was called the Complaints Choir of Birmingham. The Complaints Choir invites people to complain as much as they want and to sing their complaints out loud together with fellow complainers. The first choir was organised in Birmingham followed by the Complaints Choir of Helsinki and Hamburg. The lyrics were written by the Choir, Music by Mike Hurley. Project by Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen. Produced by Springhill Institute.

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