Saturday 23 July 2011

Slip Rings

These lines can carry signals or many amps of power, depending on the details of implementation.

The ability to interact with motors, lighting and sensors on rotating structures opens up a lot of possibilities.

Although excellent slip rings are available commercially, (left) they may not fit well into your design. And, as with any exotic component, be ready for shocking prices and long delays.

Slip ring assembly for naval missile launcher (above)

The 2 key elements of a slip ring assembly are a ring and a "brush" (actually, 2 or more brushes are typically employed per ring). The ring rotates with respect to the brush which rides on the ring with a slight amount of downward force. Both the ring and the brush must, of course, be electrical conductors. And, the ring and brush must not destroy each other as they live a long life of sliding contact.

DIY Slip ring project using ball bearings, by Stephen Schultz

"A slip ring (in electrical engineering terms) is a method of making an electrical connection through a rotating assembly." (source:


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