Wednesday 20 November 2013

International Table Squennis Association

The Game of the Gods - Official Trading Card Game!!!

The long awaited official International Table Squennis Association trading cards are finally here. Negotiations with Pannini are ongoing so keep an eye out at your local newsagent for sticker packs and that all important sticker album in the near future. Maybe. Remember, a complete set of stickers safely cradled in an album will be a thing to treasure forever. An heirloom for future generations to covet and probably fall out over upon your demise. Fortunately you will be unaware when it is torn from your lifeless fingers as you lie on you deathbed, surrounded by violently bickering progeny.a grieving wife and several mistresses. Whilst you are in the newsagents, remember to watch out also for the I.T.S.A. Top Trumps game, available soon!

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