Tuesday 11 March 2014

Eric Leonardson - The Springboard

Aside from an interest in the sonic potential of coil springs, I began with no preconceived idea of how the Springboard should sound or look. Initially, I did not aim to make a musical instrument. I knew springs had been used in early artificial reverb effects, and I was simply intrigued by the sounds of retracting springs for screen doors and garage doors, and I was intent on using readily available materials.

What developed is a device that amplifies a variety of readily available objects and materials. The Springboard not only generates a wide range of sounds, it has become an extremely flexible and unique instrument.

Attached across the top of an aluminum walker is a 2" x 6" board. A singlepiezo disk contact microphone is mounted inside a small cavity in the underside of board. By extension, the high sensivity of the piezo pickup enables the entire board amplify anything attached, hence it is transformed into a receiving surface for amplification of any number of vibrating objects I choose.

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