Thursday 29 January 2015

Peter Cusack ‎– Favourite Beijing Sounds

"What is your favorite Beijing sound and why? During September 2005 hundreds of Beijingers were asked this question and their replies make up the tracks of this compact disc [...] Set up by British Council as part of their Sounds in the city initiative that took place in Shanghai, Chongqing & Guangzhou [...] The Favorite sound project aims to discover what people find positive about their city's soundscape. It started in London in 1998 and still continues there." Peter Cusack - April 2007.

Peter Cusack is a field recordist, sound artist and musician and with a long interest in environmental sound and acoustic ecology. Projects include community arts, researches into sound and our sense of place and documentary recordings in areas of special sonic interest such as Lake Baikal, Siberia, and Xinjang, China’s most western province. He was involved in 'Sound & the City' the British Council sound art project in Beijing 2005. His project ‘Sounds From Dangerous Places’ examines the soundscapes of sites of major environmental damage, such as the Chernobyl exclusion zone, the Azerbaijan oil fields, controversial dams on the Tigris and Euphrates river systems in southeast Turkey. Using sound as a way of investigating documentary issues he now calls ‘sonic journalism’. This project continues and is currently researching the regeneration of the North Aral Sea, Kazakhstan.

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