Saturday 3 April 2010

Feldstärke international

Open Day at Centquatre (Paris)
Saturday 3rd April

Over the Easter Holidays I went to go visit a friend in Paris. Whilst I was there I found out about this opening being held in this fantastic building CENTQUATRE, a place where the artistic dynamic pushes back the boundary between art and the public.

People were inside this temporary enclosure creating sounds out of objects which they had purchased for under a euro. The performance was then streamed live to several tv's and speakers next door for the audience to watch, creating a somewhat disjointed experience of a live event - existing in such close proximity yet witnessing the event through a screen.

“Feldstärke international” is an exchange programme that brings together students from 16 Schools of Art from Germany, France and Turkey, as well as one from the United States. Participating students have the mission to share their disciplines and to work together with the enthusiasm and the vision of creating works of art collectively.

The aim of this programme, which is a joint programme between CENTQUATRE, PACT Zollverein (Essen) and ¨cˇu’m„a* (Istanbul), is to motivate the 44 arts students from all disciplines (design, dance, cinema, landscaping, plastic arts, music, theatre etc.) to work together at each of the three partners’ venues, thus at PACT in January 2010, at CENTQUATRE in April and finally in Istanbul in October. The programme, which was launched in 2009, is to be developed at international level over the next few years.

The picture above is the site of a performance where two people would hold balloons just outside the beam from the projector and gradually bring them in, creating fantastic effects as they span the balloons round highlighting a temporary round window of the projected pattern

The Blog is the online forum of exchanges between the students where they share their interactions, whether they happen over long distances or when they meet together:

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