Monday 26 April 2010

Experimenting with Piston Motion

I have been meaning to study different forms of motion for quite some time having been an admirer of Sharmanka (Russian Kinetic Sculpture) for several years now.

With this understanding of how to transform one form of motion into another I would be able to make large-scale kinetic sculptures. I have found the website flying pig to have been particularly useful and have been experimenting making a piston mechanism.

Ideally this would be powered by bicycle or wind power but I would equally like to learn how to use a car battery with an inverter. Below I have tried making a small wind powered piston which moves a small object on wheels back and forth.

There were several problems with this which were that the back garden is not windy enough and there was too much lateral friction from the weight of the car, however the resulting motion was as expected.

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