Tuesday 4 October 2011

Dan Knight - Sound Sculpture

The Trust made its latest award to Dan Knight in 2010. It takes us into a new area for the Trust – a mixture of craft and performance. This is partly what attracted us to Dan’s proposal. Dan wanted to build a bottle-organ and give a public charity performance with a newly commissioned piece. What also attracted us were the proposal’s simplicity, modesty and clarity of purpose. Dan describes his work as

“…. sculpture that transforms energy to create movement, sound and light and my work can often be manipulated by a viewer. I am also interested in waste and detritus and giving things a new life.”

He built his first organ 11 years ago and experimented with different versions then

I had the idea to make a big version that has every note that can be got from a bottle and I had the vision to make it like a small room that you can go inside and be surrounded by the sound.”

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