Friday 21 October 2011

A Silent Swaying Breath

A while ago I submitted a small sample of a recording which I had made with my hydrophone on holiday in St. Ives. Audio gourmet were proposing that anyone could donate a sound which they would then use to create an album which would be compiled in order to help those people whose livelihoods were effected by the riots which occured accross the UK several months ago. I think me sample of the air pockets in the sand, which occur when the tide is at it's highest, feature on the track titled 'Dust, Illuminated', however it is rather hard to tell as there seems to have been quite a lot of post production. Well, here is a link to the album which would be great if you wanted to donate some money to the cause whilst also obtaining a tantalizing collection of strange and ephemeral sounds.

SoundFjord, Audio Gourmet's Harry Towell (Spheruleus) and Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq) have come together to curate an album created "by the people, for the people", to raise funds for those that has beenaffected by the recent unrest that ravaged cities across the country.

The album, a statement and monument to collaboration and community, brings together works selected from short unedited recordings gleaned from artists, musicians and the general public across the globe.

Spheruleus and Pleq sensitively weave together an eclectic selection of field recordings, samples, spoken word pieces and instrumentation, creating momentous emotional landscapes for the listener, delicate, tender moments and most of all, a yearning tumult of haunting quietude: a silent, swaying breath.

All profits raised by sales of this album go towards assisting thosethat have lost their homes and livelihoods and to provideopportunities for philanthropy, creative expression and collaboration within local community projects.

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