Friday 12 February 2010

Playing the Corridor

Group show at 19 West Princess St. 12th February 2010

A friend asked if I wanted to do some sort of sound installation in their flat so I jumped at the oppurtunity as they didn't seem that boethered if I drilled a few holes in the ceiling.

The result was a piece of clothes line attached to the ceiling via a 90 degrees bracket and then pulled taught by turning a wheel inside of the box, attached to the floor by hinges. Inside the box I had attached a contact microphone which picked up the sound, when the line was plucked, which was then amplified through a loudspeaker. The box was on hinges with a handle to tilt back and forth, to increase the tension in the line so as to get some nice bendy sounds.

Here is a brief video where I demonstrate how to play the corridor

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