Thursday 16 October 2014

Chris Leslie - Paddy's Market

Paddy's Market, which lies in the heart of Glasgow has been a local institution for over 200 years. The flea market has served generations of the city's poor, unemployed and its immigrant population. Glasgow City Council is poised to take over the lease of the Paddy's Market site and could shut it down by the Autumn. Citing crime and drug dealing in the area, the council claim the market is a 'crime ridden midden.'

Media reports and the council have totally misrepresented the crime rate in the market. The drugs and crime have nothing to with the honest, hard working traders of the market. All the crime and drug use can be attributed to residents of a hostel for drug addicts which neighbours the market.

In reality the real issue is financial and real estate and the dehumanisation of the market is being used to push public opinion to accept the closure. Masked as a 'regeneration' project, this would be the loss of a unique local institution and lifeline to thousands of Glaswegians.

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