Thursday 16 October 2014

Voices from the Barras

'Voices from the Barras' is a documentary film directed and edited by Alan Knight and produced by Abigail Howkins through Diversity Films as part of 'The Barras Story' - a community heritage and learning project using archive photography, film and oral history to explore the social, cultural, historical and economic importance of the world famous Barras Market to the East End of Glasgow.
Set-up in 1921 by Maggie McIver, the traders and past customers today remember the market’s hey-day, when ‘spielers’ would turn selling into a stage show, shifting their wares as quickly as their razor-sharp patter would allow. People once came from all over Scotland to search for bargains at the Barras.
The project focused on collecting Barras community memories and stories, past and present from traders, stallholders, family members and customers. It brought together a group of community members interested in research, oral history and film production.
Led by filmmakers, Abigail Howkins and Alan Knight, the project culminated in a 25-minute documentary called ‘Voices from The Barras’ which screened around local venues in the East End of Glasgow, including The Barras itself and project partner The People’s Palace, alongside an exhibition featuring photographs by Alan Knight and Julia Bauer as well as archive photos and materials found during the process.

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