Wednesday 22 October 2014

Wireless Technologies


By Simon Worthington, James Stevens and Bruce M.Simpson, 10 March 2002

Have you noticed the strange sight of Parcelforce workers delivering bundles of copper wire, sheets of aluminum, plastic tubing and reels of cable to inauspicious looking buildings of late? Or have you noticed the empty Jolt cans and pizza boxes overflowing from bin bags all over the city? We can confirm that these seemingly unrelated phenomena are in fact connected: the wireless network community has been born! For several years now, enthusiasts – fuelled by pure idealism and junk food – have been building local area networks, operating over licensed 802.11 wireless technology, to provide communities with broadbandwidth connections for next to no money. Inspired to join in the fray, Mute has recently started building too. Here we present some of the results, as well as a few words from those that inspired us – on technical and other matters

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