Thursday 6 February 2014

Asounder - for (Un)Sound Occupation

Main Questions

Has the sonic world you inhabit ever felt oppressive or invasive? (Bearing in mind that ears are open 24/7). Were the effects of this state physical or psychological, or both? In cases where such contexts are encountered on a daily basis, what strategies can help deflect or disrupt such a sound world?
How can you avoid hearing only what you want (or are programmed) to hear? What kind of training can break the conditioning which limits hearing? How do you break out of your own sonic past and invent a future?
How might you use sound in order to stimulate a sense of collectivity? (Where both the physical and mental are intertwined.) How might collective intelligence be mobilized through sound in a capitalist system which separates and individualizes?
Have you ever been overwhelmed by an acoustic environment (over all the other senses)? Did you pick apart the experience to figure out why?
Have you ever been in a situation where the notion of frequency (pitch) seemed allied with a political position? What about volume in the context of a political protest? (Sounds of dispersal vs. magnetically attractive sounds?)
How do you create a rupture within a capitalist system which easily assimilates (tolerates) difference? (Like John Carpenter’s The Thing, capitalism seems capable of absorbing and metabolizing anything it comes into contact with, even its own glitches).  Is there still a radical outside to capitalism which can be accessed?

Control / Modulation

Spatial Intervention

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