Wednesday 12 February 2014

Rungpetch Laemsing | Fon Duen Hok

Rungphet Laemsing was born wasan chanplaeng in 1942, in the southern-central province of phetburi. he moved to phetchabun province for school, after which he joined the armed forces medical corps and from there the thai royal guard. rungphet had always enjoyed singing and had gained some notice from his many victories in local singing contests. he specialized in the new style being pioneered by khamron sambunnanon, which would eventually be called "luk thung". while he was stationed in bangkok, he would regularly sit in with the phayong mukda band, and after winning a major song contest in 1961, he joined samniang muangthong's ruam daokrachai band. eventually, his friend phraiwan lukphet introduced him to the pre-eminent songwriter of the time, phaibun butkhan, and the composer agreed to write 3 songs for rungphet. they were extremely successful, and phaibun decided to cultivate rungphet as his new star. at the height of rungphet's fame, phaibun made an arrangement for the singer to appear in an upcoming film from "mon rak luk thung" director rangsi thatsanapayak. when rungphet backed out, the maestro became very upset and gave all future singles intended for the singer to sonkhiri siprachuap, essentially ending his career. rungphet continued his government service up to his retirement in 2002. he now lives in the bangkok suburb of nonthaburi, and performs occasionally.

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