Monday 17 February 2014

Hamilton Mausoleum

Put simply, Hamilton Mausoleum has the longest reverberation of any building in Europe. It takes 15 seconds for a sound, once made, to die. Think about that for a second, or maybe even 15, and hopefully you’ll get an idea of how bewildering this most odd and striking of buildings sounds.

Directions: The Mausoleum is part of Low Parks Museum, 129 Muir Street, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. Some parking is available next to the Mausoleum on Burgoyne Drive: the dome of the Mausoleum is clearly visible, about 1 minutes drive or 5 minutes walk North East of the Museum itself, which has some additional parking. There will be toilets at the Mausoleum. It is not accessible to wheelchairs.

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