Thursday 13 February 2014

Sarah Tripp - 24 Stops

24 Stops is a sequence of hourly chimes – short audio segments – comprised of percussive sound and spoken word commissioned by Camden Arts Centre and UCLH Arts. These chimes, played on hospital radio throughout the day and night, act as temporary markers, reflecting the atmosphere of the hour in which they appear. 24 Stops was developed on Camden Arts Centre’s inaugural Radio Writing residency. Radio Writing marks the start of a collaboration between Camden Arts Centre and UCLH Arts to commission artists to create new work for both hospital radio and live performance.
The residency was accompanied by a Lights Out Listening Group communal listening event in the dark and concluded with a live performance of 24 Stops. The live performance used 16mm film of percussion performed by Fritz Welch, Nichola Scrutton and Mark Vernon, recorded by Iain Donnelly and edited by Rob Kennedy. 24 Stops will be reconfigured for TENT in Rotterdam during the autumn.
Documentation of the performance of 24 Stops can be found at Further information on Lights Out Listening Group is at
For further information on 24 Stops please visit

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